30 January 2014

Even if He does not...

I am today reminded of a Bible story about King Nebuchadnezzar. You might remember variations in the story of Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego in the fiery furnace.

Long story short, the king had erected a statue in his image and made his people bow to worship it in a public ceremony. Three men of God refused and were punished by being cast into a fiery furnace, emerging unscathed without even the smell of smoke.

Or was it the story of Daniel and the lion's den? I can't remember. Both were terrifying encounters to a kiddo and both are from the book of Daniel with similar endings. This one of a man of God thrown into a pit of lions for continuing to pray after being told by a King not to; again, coming out of the ordeal without even a scratch.

29 January 2014

Why Share MY Story?

I share in the off chance that my own story might touch someone's life in a positive way.

We never know where our lives will take us, and by documenting the journey, we are given perspective and always left with the HOPE that MIRACLES DO, and continue to, HAPPEN! 

A miracle. That's exactly what it was on 1/5/14 when a home test confirmed what my 41 year old body was feeling - I was positive! For my FIRST and ONLY pregnancy. A visit to the women's health pavilion 2 days later solidified our findings and the doctor had no worries about me catching a pre-scheduled flight to Wisconsin for travel to Michigan and back later that same week.

20 January 2014

From Darkness to Light: Baby Steps to Recovery

The immediate aftermath of my miscarriage was both surreal and beautiful. Processing through the hormonal roller coaster, the physical pain and the emotional loss while in utter solitude took me from one extreme to another...and back again.

And while I'd like to think of my experience as unique, I'm fairly certain that having the luxury of NOT being home, in the supporting arms of the man I love and in the soft cradle of my own bed, may have helped me fast forward through much of the proverbial sinkhole. I went through it just like everyone else who ever has.

15 January 2014

The Best 8 Days of Our Lives

1/7/14 - Best Day of My Life!

2014 is the year of happiness and January is the month of hope. 

As I look at this now - how appropriate. I had very few symptoms, but my mommy (yes, MOMMY) intuition told me something was up.  Weeks after a missed cycle I finally took myself to the local drug store to find out the impossible - I was pregnant!

OMG..what do I do next?!??!

I cry. I panic. I laugh. I almost pass out! I drop to my knees and throw up my hands to thank our Lord for working pure positive magic in my body and soul over the last 9 months in preparation for this miracle. As if I, myself, were just born.  At 41 years old, I had personally put my own 'baby thing' well behind me and NOTHING could be more of an amazing surprise!


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