22 May 2009

A True Original

Is there really such thing as an original idea?

After centuries of Thomas Edisons, Picassos and Johnnie Cashes - is there really anything left? And once you have an idea - do you recognize it as a good one and have what it takes to put those ideas into action? And once your ideas are in motion - are you surrounded with the kind of people who champion your idea...maybe even seeing its uniqueness and pushing you to your full potential before YOU even see it?

I am HUGE fan of creativity and people who think outside the box. The kind of eurekas that make me think, "I wish I'd thought of that!". Or better yet, how may times have you seen something and exclaimed, "I DID think of that!" only to find that someone else has taken 'your' idea and is not profiting from it?

I am even a BIGGER fan of people who give credit to those from which their own ideas have risen. I try to walk the line on this one (...I am, actually, a Johnny Cash fan...LOL). I am so lucky to come across those who inspire me through my hobbies, through my job and through the things that make up the core of my very being. When I do meet those people, I want the rest of my little world to meet them too! I want others to appreciate their spirit and accomplishments no matter how big or small as if they were my own. Because their ideas are, in that moment, having a positive effect on me. I would hope not to take that from them, nor make their ideas my own.

In this age of online social networking and media - the idea of giving credit where credit is due seems even more powerful than ever. Giving kudos - taking a pat on the back - calling someone out - and taking responsibility are all part of it with your true character being analyzed by others only a Google click away. In this vast galaxy of information and product pushing, it sometimes seems like there is indeed nothing left that's original; that one thing is just a springboard off of another - and that sometimes a simple, even public, add-a-boy and thank you is the appropriate response.

Maybe what is truly original anymore - is promoting those who ARE...truly originals.

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18 May 2009

No News...

No news is good news, right?

Not in this case. No news is well....simply no news.

The urologist called left a voicemail that basically said nothing is wrong - sending us back to square one. We still need to get the files sent over to my doctor and confirm that the message was, indeed, based on the correct results. We are pretty much scratching our heads in disbelief that they are really are!

Sure could use..a little GOOD news today! In the meantime, there are no shortages of laughs in the cartoon section :)


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