31 December 2011

New Year, Baby!

It may sound a bit cliche, but this New Year will be Year of NEW for me!

As I look at this passage of time through my sporatic little blog, I find that I have, frankly, become quite boring and most depressing. While there is much left still unwritten -  and many years before Geez, Baby! that has been already packed away in the darkness of memories best forgotten -  what I failed to highlight is that my life is FULL of babies; baby steps, pet projects that become 'my baby', a full spectrum of perpetual home and garden nesting rituals, small miracles that occcur every day...

Listen...I'm turning 40 this year and if there is anything I am going to get out of this life, I need to get over it and get on with it, Baby!  I cannot promise I will convert my brooding wisdom into songs of endless sappy happy, but I can adapt, adjust and amend. I can promise that THIS IS MY YEAR. 

Call it what you will; new beginnings, fresh starts, brighter outlooks, renewed spirit...ALL OF IT and more!  Call it crazy.  Call me niave.  Call it heads or call it tails. 

I call it a new day vs. just another one.

23 December 2011

Christmas Time

This Christmas just seems to blend into the last.  It's true that time moves so quickly that if you blink even just for just a moment, you might miss a lifetime.  My eyes not only fluttered, they have been closed.  Shut tight.  Closed so that no light nor darkness can enter my soul.  So when they open, I find myself as though time has stood still in my mind; same time, same place, same situation.  But it's an illusion.  The contiuum marches on - and I, in the middle.

So THIS is the time.  Time to WAKE UP.  My time is NOW! 
Make something of it, Gina.  Start today.  


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