23 July 2009

Straight To Dessert

Snippet from my first newsletter update for work:

After a family event this evening, we wanted to spend more time together by going out to a local 24-hour diner. Conversation turned silly with the kids 'arguing' whether it was their dinner, snack, breakfast - or dinsnackfast as they all finally agreed.

Whether you are a breakfast for dinner eater or skip the entree altogether and go straight for the dessert - let Rextopia satisfy your appetite with this week's YUMMY updates!



I know I have been MIA for some time now. I have LOTS of updates!!! The first is a new job position that has been eating up a ton of time away from blogging. But I'm having a great time and learning new things.

Each week, I am tasked to get out a newsletter to keep clients current on things they need to know. While these updates have nothing to do with making babies - they are sometimes entertaining and short in their intro. At the very least, I can keep you laughing!


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